About us

Plisi Film is a production and post-production creative studio creating content for film, television, and web. We are innovative and pride ourselves in early-adopting new techniques and methods that help us tell a better story and emotionally connecting to the viewers.

Our goal is to create content which will challenge our viewers to think differently.

Our home base is Austria but we work anywhere in the world, wherever the story takes us.

Content Development


Plisi Film is dedicated to employing new and unconventional Film and TV formats to tell unique stories.


We develop Screenplays & Treatments for:


Cinema Releases

TV Series

Reality Shows

Virtual Reality

Modern Sport Shows

Interactive Shows



8K? 4K? Stereo 3D? High frame rate? HDR? Cinema? TV? Virtual Reality?

For us these are more than words. We use those tools and techniques to make our art shine, for the most polished results.

Our film team is part of a filmmakers‘ network from around the world who collaborate in variable teams depending on the shooting situation.

We primarily focus on:


Producing the content we develop

Co - Producing

Supervising on set



Editing & VFX


Our Postproduction environment is centered around our main tools:


Final Cut Pro X

Adobe Premiere



Colorgrading & finishing


DaVinci Resolve

We love what we do and put our hearts into it to reach the viewers emotionally. We pride ourselves in breaking boundaries and pushing the limits to surpass our clients‘ expectations.


Our team aims to employ current and upcoming technology standards to aid our creative process but that doesn’t mean that money drives our stories. We are known for creating excellent work even with small budgets. Our philosophy is that money can’t replace creativity and that the right idea makes even small productions shine.


Our goal is to be THE ONE company you go to for cutting-edge content development WORLDWIDE and we invite you to be a part of it.

Colorgrading & Finishing

Grading at the highest quality

Our solution


We have solutions for the most common mishaps during a shooting:

Camera produced noise

Camera recorded dead or stuck pixels

Shot needs stabilizing

Lens wasn’t clean enough and captured grains of dust


We also offer DCP for a theatrical release and festivals


Our philosophy is „there is no problem we can’t handle“

Colorgrading Suite


Our colorgrading suite is equipped with a DaVinci Resolve in a controlled lighting environment, capable of processing up to 4K 60P in real-time, 8K in processing and HDR mastering. We have a deep understanding of color science and lots of experience in tackling demanding new formats.

We are early-adopters of up and coming technology and continuously research what’s new in the market.


Our senior color artist has worked on 400+ feature films, documentaries and other formats, building an invaluable expertise for all kinds of projects.



We offer both supervision and our expertise to advise - not only before but also during shooting (and in post production), and we correct & grade for the very best image output to every available format to date.

Short list of our service


HDR Mastering in HDR10, Hybrid Log Gamma HLG

Feature Film & Documentary grading for Cinema


Short Films

Music Videos

Grading for Television

Grading for Web

Grading for Virtual Reality

DCP Mastering

First Light correction

Proxy Export


We can work with the following formats: Open EXR, DPX, DNG, TIFF, R3D, ArriRaw, Sony Raw, Phantom Cine, ProRes, Avid DNxHD...




Plisi Film

DI (FH) Odise Rexhaj

Ignaz-Rieder-Kai 19/3

5020 Salzburg



VAT: ATU66196449

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